Light For Life Haiti: Solar LED Project

Light For Life Haiti: Solar LED Project

The Light For Life project is in partnership with Greenlight Planet to bring in quality and rugged low cost solar LED lamps specifically designed for communities that are off grid or want a safer and better option than fuel based lamps.

Currently children who wish to study at night
rely on kerosene lanterns that produce smoke which cause
breathing problems and eye irritation.

They also pose a real danger to burning down their homes since many homes are still built using dry twigs and branches.

By switching to a solar lamp, families save money, improve air quality and increase safety and productivity.

Kerosene lanterns cost about $14 per unit and cost $10-$50 in fuel per month. Green Light Planet will provide the Pulse Foundation at a subsidized price their Sun King Pico solar lamp, which is 3x brighter than a kerosene lamp and provides up to 72 hours of light on a single charge. We will also be installing several multi-room solar lighting systems in public schools that have no lights or electricity in their classrooms.

Through your donations the Sun King Pico lamp will be sold at a further subsidized price so that it is affordable to more families and cheaper than the kerosene alternative.

Our goal is to import 1000 units and distribute it in the small town of Pignon where we actively do charitable work.

10% of the lamps will be donated to public schools and the remaining will be sold to the community. The city of Pignon has a population of 30,000. With large average family sizes, if we can distribute 1 lamp per family, the impact of our work will be significant to the community.

Your support and donations will make a significant impact to the children and the city of Pignon.

By helping students study better and longer at night, we are helping support the education of the future generation in Haiti.

To donate, please visit the Go Fund Me link below!

– Emerson.